Winter Frolic is a tradition that happens every year in Hibbing , Minnesota . Winter frolic first started in 1973. The first king and queen to be crowned was Santi Amistad and Arnold Ellingson. Every year a winter frolic button is designed and sold by the candidates. Winter frolic is funded by the selling of these buttons and the sponsorship of various organizations.[1]

Fun events and games take place every year during winter frolic. In this past year they held a Bean Bag Tournament where teams of two compete for the title. They also held a fishing contest which was ten dollars for adults, and children 12 and under were free.

“We do a lot of community events, such as: teen talk, button sales, skiing, sledding, rotary luncheon, and a few others. It is also a competition. We are judged by out of town judges. We all go walking in as a group, and then we go alone twice. There is also a question and answer part, where you walk around the room and answer questions from the four judges one at a time. The winners are then revealed at the coronation.” This was said in a recent interview.[2]


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