The Brooklyn-Hibbing School was destroyed in the fire in1973. A woman said that she lived across the street from school. The woman thought her house might catch fire from all of the flying debris. This person was fortunate to have film in her camera and had posted it on Youtube for everyone to witness.[1] The Video has the fire and the debris showing through that time.[2] The fire was started by a group of kids who were playing with fire in the school.[3] The fire was created in the auditorium. The fire started with the curtains.[4] The school building was burned down. For many years nothing remained in the school building’s area except for a field with trees and weeds.[5] Recently, between 2010 and 2011, newly built homes have been placed on the old-school field. Houses will soon fill the whole field after the construction is complete. This field where the school was, and where the houses are going to be is located in Brooklyn-Hibbing next to RSC, on 16th Avenue East[6]

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