The Assumption catholic school was built in 1923. It then consisted of a brick exterior and wooden framing and the inside. It housed ten classrooms and an auditorium. In the fall of 1925 grades first through eighth began classes. During the 1950s the school suffered from overcrowding. To fix this problem the school had to turn the ladies clubroom into two classrooms, they also turned the old kitchen into a library and built a new one. Again in 1955 the school had to fix the problem of overcrowding. This time the Knights of Columbus quarters into two classrooms.[1]

A former student of the Assumption Catholic School said in an interview: “Differences between the Assumption and public school would be that religion was part of our curriculum and every Wednesday we went to mass. It was also usually one class per grade level. Similarities would be that we learned the same things, we had recess and lunch normally, and we had the same educational opportunities.”[2]

(Eighth Grade Graduation. June second 1957)[3]

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