Androy Hotel

The Androy Hotel is located downtown Hibbing, Minnesota. It opened on June 29, 1921. The name Androy came from the first names of two of the owners, named Andy Doran and Roy Quigley[2]. It was built and designed by the Oliver Mining Company. It cost them $375,000[4]. The hotel closed in 1977 and was vacant for years until it began being restored in 1994[5]. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Buildings on June 13, 1985[6].

Today The Androy is home to many of Hibbing’s older residents[7]. The apartments are open to people ages 55 and older and on a limited income[8]. The apartments are modern and spacious and the building offers many opportunities for the residents to get together and enjoy each other’s company[9].

The main level of The Androy building is being occupied by The Local Elks Lodge #1022[1]. They offer catering and event planning for special occasions. The building and its outdoor sitting area accommodate these events very well.

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