Hibbing Speech Team The membership of the team usually varies from 20-35 students in past years the team had an even number of guys and girls.[1] In the past ten years one of the largest amount of people sent to state was four; a duo team, creative expressionist, and an extemporaneous speaker.[2] The Hibbing team is under the Minnesota State High School League rules. [3] Coaches in the past ten years have included; Mr. Brown, Ms. Keys, Mr. Viren, Mrs. Besemann, Mrs. Ronning, Ms. LaTarte, and Beth Phelps. [4] The team usually competes close to home, traveling the farthest away in 2008 for sections in North Branch.[5] The team is usually awake around 5 a.m. on Saturday, and on the bus by 7 a.m.[6] Normal things that are brought to a meet include; dress clothes, food, scripts, and extra shoes. [7] Every year the Hibbing team hosts the Hibbing Heartbreak invitational, with schools from as far away as Hermantown competing. The meet is usually held on or around Valentine’s Day.[8] The team had two captains up until the time when Mr. Brown stopped coaching, then a third Junior captain was added, before running was open to Juniors and Seniors. [9] Within the past 3 years the team has sent a speakers in storytelling, informative speaking, and extemporaneous reading.[10] This year the team traveled to sections in Princeton.[11] The location of sections changes every two years.[12] Each week the three captains of the team work together to write a collection of quotes of things that have been said by team members during the week.[13] Past and present members agree the best thing they took away from speech is the ability to speak in front of anyone, loud and clear.

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