The Paulucci Space Theatre was first opened on April 26, 1980, it was funded through the community and with a generous donation from its namesake, Jeno Paulucci[1]. It is the largest planetarium in Northern Minnesota with a 40 foot diameter dome. It is located on the Hibbing Community College campus and open to the public[2].

Large format 70 mm movies are projected onto the entire dome, giving you the feeling that you are actually there. IMAX style films are shown for solar and planetary education. Their Spitz Star Projector can re-create the night sky from any location on earth at any given time[3]. The theatre is open on reservations Monday through Saturday and is available to rent for activities and meetings.[4] It costs only $3 dollars to get in and there is a gift shop with many unique gifts and souvenirs, including “astronaut ice cream” and pieces of asteroids[5].

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