Nicholas Paul Maras was born on December 8, 1908 in the Austrian-Hungarian province of Croatia to his parents Mata (Mike) and Mary Maras. He made his journey across the pond when he was thirteen, meeting his father in Hibbing.[1] He attended Hibbing High School in the late 1920s where he excelled in basketball, football, and track and field. He threw discus, shot put, and javelin in track, going to state breaking multiple records.[2] He was the football captain for two years, playing center, tackle, fullback, and kickers, and eventually getting a chance to play for the 1934 Chicago Bears team.[3] After high school, he worked for several years at E.W. Coons Mining Company in Hibbing. In 1933, he and his father opened up the Homer Tavern and Hotel on first-avenue in Hibbing. In 1939, he married Rose Mayerle from Keewatin, MN. With her, he had 4 children, Nick Jr., Judy, Mike, and Billy.[4] He is the cousin of New York Yankee Roger Maris. A couple lifetime accomplishments include: the Bartenders Hall of Fame ring and also was elected into Hibbing High School Athletic Hall of Fame. He passed away on January 28, 2002 in Buhl, Minnesota. He is greatly missed by friends and family, but he is surely remembered.[5]

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[5] Obituary written by Nick Hill. 2002.

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