L & M Hill is formally known as Veterans Park.[1] It is located near the First Avenue Bridge in Hibbing, Minnesota.[2] In the summer, the park can be a great picnic spot. During the winter months, the hill transforms into the favorite sliding spot for most Hibbing residents.

Residents can partake in snowball fights, and races down the hill on sleds of all sizes. In an interview with a current member of the community, it was said that even a cardboard box can be used to glide downhill.[3]

Family and friends can gather here in the great outdoors, and enjoy each other’s company. “Hot chocolate is something I like to drink after sledding, it’s a really good hand warmer,” noted the current community member during the conversation.[4]

Children tend to build snow jumps at the bottom of the steepest parts of the hill. The jumps can be scary for little ones, but older children like to see how high they can bounce off of it. It is safe to say it will be enjoyed for many years to come by Hibbing residents of all ages.

[1] Discussion with Linda Suihkonen in November 2010.

[2] “Google Maps”. Retrieved 12/20/10.

[3] Interview with current member of the community on December 27, 2010.

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