In 1935, the Hibbing Memorial Arena Entertainment Center was built.[1] (See Figure 1) Now commonly know as, “Mb.” The Memorial Arena was used by the NHL’s Chicago Black Hawks for their training camps on six occasions in the late 1930’s and 1940’s.[2] The arena was dedicated to war veterans and the general public on the Iron Range.[3] There is 3,460 permanent seats and standing room for over 1,000 people.[4] There is one sheet of ice for youth and High School hockey teams that measures 200 ft x 90 ft.[5]

Besides the actual ice rink itself, there are convenient media centers, dressing room, and seven locker rooms with showers.[6] The Hibbing Memorial Building is seasonal from October 31st to June 30th.[7]

Other teams seem to really enjoy the memorial building and the different atmosphere it bring to the sport of hockey.[8] The Hibbing Memorial Building is a great all around place for people of all ages!

[9]Figure 1: Hibbing Memorial Building in the early 1930's

[10]Figure 2: Hibbing Memorial Building after Hibbing “moved”.

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