In 1996, a construction fire damaged Hibbing High School and caused it to close down for a month[1]. The fire began on the second floor in the west wing science addition when a construction worker was cutting through support beams using a welding torch. A student smelled smoke and pulled the fire alarm; the rest of the students were informed of the fire at 12:20 p.m. Curious onlookers caused traffic problems, but the fire took only 45 minutes to control[2].

Smoke damage was done throughout the building; however, most of the damage was contained to the new addition and consumed mainly construction materials. The only person injured in the fire was twenty-one year-old firefighter Erik Jankilla, who was treated for smoke inhalation[3].

The project’s contractor was H.G. Harvey Constructors of Eveleth with Joe Arthurs as the building supervisor [4]. The $1.8 million addition was scheduled to continue until the fall of 1977.

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