While cross country running is not necessarily the most popular and sought-after sport, it is one of the most trying activities someone could participate in. Runners are not only physically tried for endurance, but they are also emotionally attached to their race and pushed by their fans to continue the course even after their mind has deemed it too difficult. Although cross country has not remained an Olympic sport[1], it has been kept going strongly in schools. A good example of one is the Hibbing High School. Their cross country team has been ongoing since the late 1940’s and has kept a steady average number of student runners each year[2]. Several coaches have been noted saying that teaching cross country has been a very enjoyable experience due to the intense concentration and perseverance of the runners. Although this sport is fun and thrilling, it is also very stressful; for instance, going to the state meet at the end of each cross country season[3]. Out of all the years that cross country has been in this school, there has been one state champion for the boys and one for the girls; the boys’ champion is Peter Zambrano, and he ran the 5K race[4].

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