Hibbing High School Auditorium Haunting

The Hibbing High School Auditorium was built in the early 1920’s to resemble Capitol Theater in New York City. The first stage manager came from New York just to maintain the new auditorium in Hibbing. He supposedly died in the auditorium in 1942, but some people say he is still there in spirit. That is why the high school auditorium has been voted one of America’s top ten most haunted places[1].

Chuck Perry has been the stage manager at the school since 1979. He was rather skeptical about the ghost tales surrounding the auditorium until the early 1990’s when a psychic stopped in whom was a Bob Dylan fan. She said she felt chills and a presence by seat J47. Chuck Perry then set up a camera by the seat and took a couple rolls of film after seeing a show on television about photographing ghosts. Five of the pictures he took of seat J47 show what appears to be an apparition[2].


The auditorium is not the only place in the building with ghost stories behind it. A common place is the section of 10 dressing rooms to the right of the stage. Many years ago a girl was in a dressing room putting on makeup when she heard someone enter the room, but when she looked up no one was there[4]. In the fall of 2010 a group of five or six cheerleaders were practicing a dance for the homecoming program when they noticed a couple things they couldn’t explain. First they were sitting on the stage taking a break when one person who was facing the dressing room side of the stage noticed something move quickly past the door. It was lighter than a shadow and it happened multiply times. Everyone there saw it. Then when they went back to the dressing room they found their stuff scattered everywhere and their coach was convinced that no one could have gone back there during practice[5].

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