Hibbing football

Carver Brownlee, he is the son of Jane and Dale Brownlee he plays a center, and defensive back positions. Carver says that football for Hibbing is currently a fun pastime, because we are not doing to good of lately. But he believes with new kids, and different coaches that in time the team will be a strong competitor again.1 Terry Vesel he is the Hibbing head coach for football. His outlook on the team is that we are small, but determined once we get some wins under our belts people will come back out for this great sport. So first we must take that step, and once we do we will know the team is going in the right direction.2 Dan Moberg is the teams old defensive coach recently retired. He says that the team is just on a slope all teams get them, and that we were good once, and it will happen again it will just take time and practice.3

1Interview with Carver Brownlee May 1, 2011. 2Interview with Terry Vesel April 26, 2011. 3Interview with Dan Moberg April 26, 2011.

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