The Hibbing Boys Basketball team has been apart of Hibbing High School since 1987.[1] The Hibbing Holiday Tournament is one of the longest running holiday tournaments in the state of Minnesota. Beginning in the 1988 basketball season, the tournament was held in the Hibbing Memorial Building.[2] This tournament was held in the Hibbing Memorial Building until the 1992-1993 season when it was moved to the Lincoln Gymnasium. [3] The Lincoln Gymnasium is home to the Hibbing Blue Jackets.[4]

A big accomplishment for the Hibbing Boys Basketball team was having Ezra Coughlin on the team. He became the seventh 1,000 point scorer in Hibbing High School history as he scored 35 points verse Proctor.[5] (Figure one)

           One team member states that their biggest rivals are Grand Rapids, Chisholm, and Virginia. He said that beating one of those three teams is a great feeling. The Hibbing Blue Jackets ended the season with 16 wins under the coaching of Joel McDonald.[6]
           Figure 1: Hibbing Basketball Seniors gather around Coughlin after his 1,000 point basket. Right to left: Matt Tourville, Steven Erickson, Ryan Latimer, Ezra Coughlin, and Chase Thornton.[7]

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