Hibbing’s First New Years Baby of 1975

Hibbing’s first New Years baby of 1975 was born in Hibbing Minnesota at the Hibbing Hospital. This Specific New Years baby’s name is Jennifer Mayer. Jennifer Mayer is the daughter of Colleen and Gary.[1] Jennifer was on the cover of a 1975 newspaper celebrating hr date of birth. On the newspaper it stated the price of the newspaper at the time, which was fifteen cents. In this newspaper, on the third page, was many certificates and coupons issued to Jennifer and her parents in celebration of Hibbing’s New Years baby of 1975. According to the newspaper listings, two of some of the popular people in Jen’s birth year were Bob Dylan and John Denver. Jennifer has kept her newspaper for 36 years and it is still in good shape. [2] Today, Jennifer is proud to be a New Years baby and is happily married.[3] Jennifer has two children, a boy and a girl. She enjoys spending time with her family.[4] Jennifer is successful and her life is filled to the brim with love, family, and friends. Jennifer has fun going on vacations every year with her loved ones.[5] Jennifer is currently going to college and is enjoying life with her family.[6]

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[4] Birth Certificate issued for her son, and birth certificate issued for her daughter. [5] Oral history and photos [6] Oral history and photos

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