The Hibbing High School was built in the early 1920s. Ever since it’s beginning, the school has had rumors of ghosts haunting the place. Supposedly, there are four ghosts in the auditorium. One person fell from the balcony, a chandelier fell on another, a physically disabled student with health issues passed away, and the first stage manager (Bill) died. The school is so famous for the ghost rumors that it is listed in the book America’s Top 100 Haunted Places.

The second stage manager, Chuck Perry, decided to do some research one day in the 1990s and he took pictures of the seat of J47 with a Polaroid camera. He took about 50 pictures and six of them came out with something on them. This is how the ghosts became famous in the high school. As a follow-up to Mr. Perry’s investigation, Brain Leffler and his team of paranormal investigators (NMPI) came to the high school in 2004. According to his research, he got a chill in the dressing room and he took a picture. When the picture developed, it was full of lines but the date was on the picture. He also set an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and they heard voices that weren’t in the room. A phrase that stuck out was “We’re waiting for Frank”.

A alumnus and current teacher at HHS used to have to work the night shift at the school and when asked if he has ever encountered a ghost he replied, “No, but I did encounter a sulfur-like smell once.” He also has had a few weird experiences in the old pool. He would swim in the pool and occasionally he would feel like someone was pushing him. He didn’t have his glasses on so he is not really sure what happened. According to him, however, “no one has died in the auditorium or gym area.” Now he gives tours to ghost fanatics. He gets on average five to seven people a year. Occasionally as a joke, he pushes all of the seats up and pushes J47 down when he gives his tours.

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