The Bluejackets Girls Hockey Team has only been around since 1995, but it has already had many great hockey players develop through the program. They have had a number of division 1 players including the 2003 Ms. Minnesota Hockey winner Andrea Nichols.¹ The team had 7 other candidates over the years for the award including Amber Fryklund and Beth Wolff. They like to reflect on the theme tradition, considering they have been to The State Tournament 9 times and were champions once in 1997 and runner-ups 4 times. The team took 3ed place there once, fourth place twice, and consolation once. The last time they made it to State was in 2008 when they were consolation champs.² In these up and coming years the program will strive to add on to it's successful history.³

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³ Hibbing Girls Hockey Team 2010-2011.

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