Greenview is an assisted living center for people over the age of 55 suffering from alzheimer’s disease.[1] Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia characterized by loss of memory, thinking, and behavior.[2] Greenview was founded by a committee headed by Cathy Righnio.[3] Greenview 1, which are the East and South houses, opened in 1994.[4] Two years later Greenview 2 opened its doors and all four houses have been running ever since.[5] A total of 20 residents can live in the building at any given time.[6] That would be 5 residents per house, often they are grouped according to their stage of the disease.[7] Greenview currently has a waiting list of 50 people and hopes to help as many people as it can in the future.[8]

Location of Greenview according to Google Maps.[9]

[1] Interview with Janet Kiesel [2] Alzheimer’s Disease <>

May 17, 2011.

[3] Interview with Janet Kiesel [4] Interview with Janet Kiesel [5] Interview with Janet Kiesel [6] Interview with Janet Kiesel [7] Interview with Jodi Olson [8] Interview with Janet Kiesel [9] Photo of Greenview according to Google Maps. May 17, 2011

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